Whitening Peels Package

5 Sittings, 1 Weeks Interval Between Peels

Get that visibly whiter skin within 5 weeks.

Whitening/Wedding peel is a super effective brightening and lightening peel. It is the perfect peel for those looking to lighten the skin and target fine lines and wrinkles. A must for brides and grooms before the most important day of their life.

Side Effects

After a Chemical peel the common side effects are stinging, redness, and peeling of the skin which is normal. These are the result of the peels' chemical action. The peel removes the old upper layer of the skin to reveal new, fresher skin. The redness and peeling of the skin are the most common side effects. The strength of the solution used for the chemical peel will determine how much redness will occur, and how long the redness will last. The side effects varies from person to person. In most cases the side effects disappear within a week.