Painless Waxing - Cirepil by Perron Rigot


Perron Rigot has set itself apart in the world of waxing for over 30 years. They are best known as the creator of the patented Cirépil Blue non-strip, hard wax. Cirepil Blue is often imitated but never duplicated! Guided by performance and innovation, Perron Rigot has patented over 20 depilatory waxes and has been a pioneer in creating new segments, such as the first low-temperature wax, the first strip-less wax, as well as the first in hypoallergenic waxes.

The advantages of Cerepil waxes are

1) Less pain (up to 80% less pain compare to traditional waxing)
2) Less redness
3) Anti-bacterial
4) Never sticky, less in-grown hair