Thalgo Standard Marine Facials

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Source Marine Moisturizing Facial

Benefits: Hydrates skin
Marine Active Ingredients: Seve bleue des oceans, seawater drawn from the depths, rich in trace elements to replenish the skins minerals.
Duration: 60 min

Purete Marine Purifying Treatment

Benefits: Purifies skin
Marine Active Ingredients: Brown macro-algae and green micro-algae capable of regulating excess sebum production, reducing the appearance of dilated pores and controlling shine.
Duration: 60 min

About Thalgo

Thalgo is a French brand, founded in 1964. Thalgo is a marine based brand, which means in it is made of everything under the sea like algae (sea plants), sea water, marine mud, marine salts which are highly rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements which are important for a healthy-looking skin.

Thalgo has a wide range of face and body products to suit every skin type and condition. Thalgo is present in 92 counties in prestigious spa’s, thalasso therapy centres, day spa’s and salons.

Algae absorb minerals from the sea like “sponges”, and it can be concentrated up to 10000 times. Compared to plants, algae have 1000 times more iodine, 20 times more vitamins, 10 times more Magnesium and copper and 100 times more calcium.