K18 Miracle Hair Repair Treatment

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K18 Miracle Hair Repair Treatment repair the primary structure of hair (keratin chains) as well as stabilizes secondary and territory structure of hair (disulfide bonds).

K18Peptide ™ is the patended molecular breakthrough clinically proven to reverse hair damage – in just 4 minutes. Hair is restored up to 91% of original strength and 94% of original elasticity.

Millions of polypeptide chains (Keratin chains) reside in the cortex layer. Side bonds such as hydrogen bonds, salt bonds and disulfide bonds link together these polypeptide chains. Hair fibers are held in place by the side bonds which attribute to the elasticity and strength of hair.

The science is complex but here’s everything you need to know about why K18 is a scientific breakthrough—and how it can bring damaged strands back to their original, youthful state.

When hair gets damaged, the polypeptide chains (keratin chains) that make up the inner structure of hair strands become weakened and break. For context, there are billions and billions of keratin chains in a single strand of hair. When these are damaged, hair’s core structure becomes compromised and, as a result, it loses its strength, elasticity, resiliency, and shine.

Our answer to damaged hair? The K18Peptide™. Traveling into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core polypeptide chains (keratin chains), our revolutionary K18Peptide™ is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect broken chains.

And because our peptide is a bit of an overachiever, as a result of this reconnection, any disturbed disulfide bonds are also re-conformed.


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