Dip Powder Nails


There is a new trend of manicure in town! It is called the dip powder manicure. It is an advanced version of Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails. It lasts longer than gel polish ever would (between 2-4 weeks). This is especially beneficial to those who peel polish the moment it starts to separate or chip from the nail. It is also quite healthy for the skin as it does not require you to shine UV rays on your nails to dry the polish as gel manicure does.

Application is simple. Prepping the nails is pretty much the same. They are cleaned, file d, buffed prior. A base coat is applied after which you dip nails into a light colored powder. This process is repeated a couple of times until a uniform spread on the nails is reached. Afterwards, nails and filed and buffed again, a sealant applied then each nail is wiped using paper towel. To enrich the look, a topcoat should be added followed by vitamin oil. The finish is typically smooth and shiny and feels flexible and lightweight as compared to the feel when gels are used.

Dip manicure powder is also free from 3 harmful nail polish chemicals commonly found in gel manicures: toluene, formaldehyde and DPB. Further, dip manicure powder has vitamins and mineral salts like calcium that will strengthen your nails. In general, this new trend of manicure is referred to as healthy manicure as it is gentle and nourishing on the skin.