Hair Coloring - Women



Hair coloring starting prices for

1) Global Hair Coloring 2999+
2) Ombre 5999+
3) Balayage 5999+
4) Classic Balayage 6999+

Final rate may vary depending on the hair length, volume and complexity of the  of the hair coloring. Please contact us for the final price.

The color you choose reflects your attitude towards life. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate life with a myriad of colors that are in offer at SINIMA Salon.

SINIMA salon is the no.1 hair coloring destination in Kochi. We've expertise in all types of hair coloring like Highlights, Ombre, Normal Balayage and Classic Balayage. We're the only salon in Kochi who does classic balayage on dark hair.

Brands Used: Moehair USA/L'Oreal/Revlon

Pricing Disclaimer:  The prices mentioned here are guideline purpose only. The actual price may vary depending on the hair volume and amount of products used.