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Full Body Massage

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Give a treat to your body and benefit your physical and emotional well-being by choosing the Swedish massage. A Swedish massage can relax your muscles, decrease body pain and increase blood circulation. Also it eases the lymphatic drainage and removes metabolic wastes from your muscle tissues.

After purchasing please call us on 9142 002 002/9142 005 005/9142 949494 to book the appointment.

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  • No Hidden Charges: Prices are all inclusive and 100% transparent.
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  • No False Promises: We’re committed to tell you the truth, even at the expense of losing your business.

     Sinima Salon Kadavanthra is the best salon in kochi

    Sinima Salon Kadavanthra is the best salon in kochi

    Sinima Salon Kadavanthra is the best salon in kochi

    Sinima Salon Kadavanthra is the best salon in kochi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Complete the purchase by making a payment at our website.

    2) Call our customer care number 9142 005 005 to schedule your appointment.

    3) At the time of billing, present your proof of purchase by showing website Order No (SINIMA-XXXX).

    Unless and otherwise mentioned in the terms & conditions of individual products, your purchase is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

    Your money will be safe with us. You can use that amount to avail yourself of any services at prevailing rates.

    PLATINUM is the SINIMA salon's most premium annual membership plan. As a PLATINUM member, you are eligible for privileged pricing. The annual subscription fee for PLATINUM membership is 4999.

    Membership is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

    The website will not prevent you from buying services. But you must have an active membership at the time of availing of the service at any of our branches. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay the difference amount to avail of the services.

    After purchase, your membership will be activated automatically within 24 hours. Your Mobile Number (given at the time of purchase) becomes your Membership Id. As long as you use the same mobile number to book appointments, discounts will be applied automatically at the time of billing at the branches.

    Your membership is not allowed to share with anyone else. Your guests can get 10% discounts though.