Iluvia DETOX Hair Spa

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ILUVIA Hair Spa is a premium DETOX Hair Spa designed to protect/revive your hair from hard water damages. 

Hard water does a lot of damage to your ceramics and tap fittings in your bathroom. The same way it attacks your hair too.

Hard water contains minerals, such as lime, calcium, and magnesium, a buildup of minerals. This produces a film on the hair, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate.

As a result, the hair is left dry and prone to breakage. Leave these issues unresolved and it could even lead to hair loss. 

Additional hair symptoms you may experience from washing your hair in hard water include:

  • Breakage
  • Thinning
  • Tangles
  • Dry scalp
  • Dullness
  • Brassiness or a green hue
  • Frizziness

ILUVIA Detox hair spa removes all the impurities from your scalp and hair. So, no need to worry about the hard water any more.


  1. A Scalp massage using scalp massage oil - 15min
  2. Steam - 5 min (Only if no hair fall and dandruff problem)
  3. Hair wash using Detox shampoo - 2 times
  4. Hair Mask application
  5. Pressure point massage - 5 min
  6. Apply conditioner and hair wash
  7. Towel dry and serum application
  8. Normal drying

Why ILUVIA Detox Hair Spa?

  1. Protects from hard water damage
  2. Clears oil, dirt, and pollutants
  3. Dedicated scalp massage oil
  4. A more comfortable SPA experience
  5. Durable effects that last through multiple washes
  6. Heat-activated system

Terms & Conditions

  1. Valid for all customers including walk-ins
  2. Offer price valid for June 2022 only

After purchasing please call us on 9142 002 002/9142 005 005/9142 949494 to book the appointment.

You can also book an appointment using the following link.